5 Eco Stylish Accessories That Must Be On Your List

Accessorizing is an important part of looking smart and put-together. Believe it or not, well-chosen accessories can take an outfit to a whole new level, instantly taking it from 0 to 100.카지노사이트

Many women avoid wearing accessories because they are unfamiliar with them or do not believe they are essential.

Most people underestimate the importance of accessorising. If you think minor details go unnoticed, don’t assume that others won’t notice.

Mornings can be intense, with little time to put on clothes, let alone jewellery or other accessories to spice and elevate your day-to-day look. Yet, they are worth the extra effort, they make all the difference.

Your look could never go wrong with this silk scarf from LÉON FLAM. With so many ways to style your scarf, it is a worthy piece to invest in.

The scarf’s lovely design was the result of a collaboration with British illustrator Sophie Minto. The brand, for its first 100% silk scarf, aimed to express its values through a poetic drawing that highlights aviation, travel, and the beauty of the letter-writing connection.

This is noble, smooth and comfortable fabric that comforts your skin and can be worn in a variety of ways: around your neck, attached to your hair, as a belt, as a top.

Its vibrant panel of colours will brighten up any outfit, regardless of the season.

Thinking about ways to look like a wolf in a chic dress? Add sophisticated sunglasses.

This RE:SIN Amphitrite eyewear is decorated with Baltic Amber, also known as Baltic Gold. Amber shimmers in the sunlight, attracting attention and adding a sense of uniqueness and originality.

Another advantage of this eyewear: It’s lightweight and yet long-lasting, made from the finest eco-friendly Italian acetate.

Made using amber, a stone that contains a forty-million-year-old secret, this is spicy sunglasses that serve your look. Irresistible.

ARTISAN & FOX Nusa Choker

Now, a piece that will add a bit of glamour when you need a gala dinner look.

The NUSA Choker is handcrafted by Ojiko, a Kenyan artisan from the port town of Kisumu. The minimal design is striking, its sinuous, smooth lines, the epitome of understated elegance – exactly what you would want to wear in the more important events in your life, but also for a cool “dinner à deux” with a loved one.

Ojiko the artisan is a man with ambition. He learned the art of jewellery making in 2006 at a local apprenticeship in Nairobi, and now he’s back in his hometown and his greatest ambition is to teach others how to make jewellery: His own workshop was set up with the aim is to help the local community.

When you get this piece, you help him help others. A win-win solution for you and the locals.


The Diana ring features an unusual fan-shaped art deco medallion with a crystal rhinestone in the centre.바카라사이트

Each piece of jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in southern France, between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, and gilded in their French gilder’s workshop.

With gold plating with 24 carat gold, adjustable size, this special piece comes with Swarovski strass and one-year warranty. What a perfect deal.

And, cherry on the cake, it is delivered in a lovely eco-friendly cardboard box or a cotton pouch by KariBoo Bijoux.


What’s better than this soft and tender perfume that gives you a vibe of walking in Place Vendôme, Paris?

This Le Ciel Parfum has a complex, unforgettable fragrance that refreshes the olfactory experience and – dare I say it? – renews the art of fragrance. It comes with refillable artisan accessories to match the fragrances that are designed to last a lifetime.

Floratropia Paris is a mission-driven fragrance brand that seeks to explore, cultivate, and sustain the beauty of the floral world through fragrance. Let’s join them in the exploration of fragrance!온라인카지노

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